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“The future of talent is fractional.”

The premier association of Fractional Executives, Interim Leaders, and Small to Mid-sized Business Owners.

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Fractional Connections brings fractional, interim, outsourced executives and leaders together with growing small to medium-sized business owners (SMBs). We know that growing businesses need the strategic expertise to scale their business but often have limited resources to hire the right talent. We also know that many experienced executives and leaders are looking for more flexibility and variety in their work. This convergence of needs is creating an exciting time for businesses – The Future is Fractional! ™

Networking is just the beginning at Fractional Connections. This platform has been created to bring the fractional community together with the SMB owners – to network, learn, get questions answered, share insights, create extraordinary opportunities and outcomes together. Join us as we build the future of work and the future of SMB talent resources.

Are you a fractional struggling with onboarding new clients?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to kick off this engagement with a simple but comprehensive checklist of what you should cover with your new clients as you onboard them.

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