Referral sources drying up? Getting too many unqualified time-wasting Discovery Calls? Not enough referrals?

No matter the stage you’re at in your service-based B2B business, continuously getting in front of preferred SMB business founders and decision makers is always top of mind for you, isn’t it?

The #1 question every advisor, fractional executive, consultant, or coach asks me is:

How can I continually get in front of my ideal business owners?

Most professionals rely too heavily on referrals (generally 100% or close to it).

This is a dangerous strategy because what if these referrals suddenly dry up? Many a previously thriving business owner has found him or herself sitting with a dry pipeline because of this.

Take Your Power Back.

Get in front of all the preferred SMB owners and decision makers you want, continuously.

After more than 20 years of teaching B2B business owners how to get in front of their preferred decision makers, I’m sharing my top unique strategies for getting SMB founders and owners eager to meet with you.


5 Surefire Strategies For Getting In Front Of Preferred SMB Owners & Decision Makers
without depending on referrals)

This e-book will become your indispensable playbook, giving you 5 step-by-step proven methods for filling the top of your funnel with qualified, preferred, ready-to-buy decision makers.

This interactive e-book includes:

NancyFox BookCover

to help you not only learn what strategies will work best for your business but exactly how to implement them.

These tactics have helped dozens of fractional executives, consultants, coaches, and service professionals like you 5-10X the number of preferred decision makers they get in front of and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental business revenue.

Choose 1 strategy, 2 strategies or all.
Boost your business without ever sending a cold email or wasting your time on an unqualified Discovery Call again.


ONLY $12.99

Finally A Targeted Approach To Getting Clients & Jobs Through Networking!

The only book of its kind, providing a bull’s eye approach to finding, meeting and building relationships with exactly the right business connections for you.

Includes 20 case study examples of networking success icons including:

The Future Is Fractional©


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