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Just Starting Out

You’ve decided to go independent as a Fractional Executive. Great news!
This also means you have many questions about how to get started, find and land engagements, and a million other details for becoming a successful fractional.
We got you.
We offer vetted peer-to-peer networking, key courses in LinkedIn for Fractional Execs, Filling The Fractional Pipeline, and Niche Command – helping you to identify and own the perfect niche to accelerate your fractional business.
Our Gold Membership also offers you the opportunity to participate in facilitated monthly Gold Roundtables with other fractionals across various skills for brainstorming, cross-referrals, and solutions.
Our Gold Membership also enables you to submit and sell your own training courses, tools, and books to build your visibility and business bank account.


Once you’ve launched, it’s never too soon to design and implement your pipeline filling plan.
At Fractional Connections™, we teach a 3-tier method for building the foundation and flow to help you grow a fractional business that doesn’t burn you out.
Our resource center opens the door to numerous tools and affiliate/reseller/partnership programs to help you round out your business assortment, layering in low-labor, high-profit offers that help your clients and you.
If you want our help, we’ll help you meet those resource companies, and guide you in selecting the right partnership programs for your clients and your business.


Once you’ve passed the 20K /month mark in your business, it’s time to up your game and go for the 7 – figures that is.
Hitting this level is not for everyone.
It’s for those whose vision and very strong commitment are unwavering in having freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance in their fractional business. There are many ways to cut the cake, many methods for getting to your business 7 and beyond.
We will be right here to guide you. The community will be here to cheer you on.

The Future Is Fractional©


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