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Mark’s 25+ years of experience across industries, roles, and departments all comes together to highlight his strength at RevOps: operational problem-solving.

Mark was given the opportunity to join a newly started IT company. His leadership in operational and customer management shined immediately, and his role morphed over the years until he eventually brought his own management IT model to life in 2007. He grew teams, increased company revenues, and brought expertise to the table in cybersecurity, managed services, sales management, sales leadership, and business development.

Case Study Examples
Joined an IT Consulting company that wanted to create recurring revenue. Over the course of 18 months, I built a sales process and trained the sales team on how to sell the services. I also built a service delivery team, including an Operations Director, and scaled the team to provide service to approximately $5M in annual recurring revenue.
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SaaS, Accounting, Law, Other
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Professional Services providers