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Natalie Swan LLC
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Hi there! I'm Natalie and since 2017 I've helped my clients turn business objectives into strategic, actionable marketing.

Clients hire me when they need a leader to focus and direct their marketing efforts. I provide a high-level strategic roadmap and supporting action plan. Then, I turn clients' marketing into an efficient, repeatable process so they can streamline and scale what works.

My marketing experience ranges from supporting multinational tech corporations to large-scale international events, to working 1:1 with small business owners.

Past projects include strategic planning with executives, leading cross-functional teams to execute campaigns, and go-to-market launches with nearly impossible deadlines.

You can read testimonials from my clients and partners below – and view more on my LinkedIn or at

"Natalie is not a consultant- she's a partner. She deftly jumped into a complex marketing initiative and provided a valuable, strategic POV while also executing against specific tactical goals. It's rare to see someone with her innate ability to synthesize complex ideas and collaborative prowess at the C-Level as meaningfully and measurably as Natalie. I look forward to partnering with her again soon."

"I had the privilege of working with Natalie for a little over a year and her knowledge, organization, and professionalism were top-notch. She has a natural talent for simplifying complicated marketing strategy and breaking it down, into digestible, actionable steps.

Natalie passed on her phenomenal frameworks to one of the companies I still currently contract with, and we STILL use her frameworks and procedures. They are truly timeless because her depth of knowledge when it comes to marketing, is so vast.

If you have the chance to work with Natalie – jump on it. Your team and your business will be better for it."

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