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Kim Levings
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ReThink You Consulting, LLC
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About Me

People hire me to fix their “people problems.” I have a unique ability to quickly get at the root causes for many performance, communication, team, and trust issues. (I’ve also been called the “people whisperer!”)

My 30+ years of experience in corporate training, executive leadership, and the field of personal development, included an equal amount of rethinking myself and using my training and coaching expertise to create tools that have kept me on a successful trajectory in life.

Failure is an event, as Zig Ziglar points out. From my experience, success is also an event. It’s not who you are. Success is a mindset. Who you are becoming in pursuit of your dreams is what really matters.

My unique and deep experience in the field of neuroscientific methodologies helps me to go to the root source of thinking – which impacts every aspect of behavior and subsequently, relational and task performance competencies.

I bring a width and depth of experience to small to midsized companies experiencing challenges in the arena of leaders and their teams.

My passion for developing individuals from the “inside out” helps drive desired outcomes and better results in executives and their teams. Building healthy culture starts with one leader at a time. (Check out the new LeaderPrint© Experience!)
(I am also a South African ex-pat, now living in the beautiful paradise of Colorado Springs)

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Manufacturing, SaaS, Medical, Other
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Publishing, Non-Profits, Evangelical Churches