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Is Your Current LinkedIn Profile Costing You Clients?

Hello consultants, fractional executives, service-based business owners:

After working with many hundreds of professionals like you, and having studied thousands of LinkedIn profiles, especially those of Fractional Executives, it’s become crystal clear:

Your LinkedIn profile, in its current state, is very likely preventing you from attracting and landing the business you deserve when it should be the very engine that drives qualified, inbound leads to you.


There are 3 big mistakes made by most fractionals and consultants regarding LinkedIn:

1. They treat it like a resume rather than a business development/client magnet.
2. They leave valuable “online real estate” on their profile unutilized or underutilized.
3. Their message, personal brand, positioning is MIA.

    You Asked & We Listened

    At Fractional Connections™, our clients begged us to fix their LinkedIn profiles and elevate their positioning, so we decided to launch a comprehensive service designed to:


    • Help you stand head and shoulders above your competition
    • Speak directly into the ears of your ideal decision makers with compelling power
    • Attract inbound opportunities to you, day in and day out.

    How do we do this?

    Stage 1:

    Identify your unique value proposition and niche market(s).

    Stage 2:

    Use every last inch of your LinkedIn profile real estate to feature you, graphically and content-wise, as the go-to thought leader you are.

    Stage 3:

    Craft your About section and experience sections to engage more of the right views and prospects, draw them further into your background and expertise, seek to follow you, learn from you, engage with you, and ultimately ask to connect with you. 

    “Having my LinkedIn profile renovated by Fractional Connections gave me and my business a big breakthrough.
    My LinkedIn profile and banner now feature my new program offer and is properly positioned to attract new clients. I have new confidence and am so excited to feature this service to potential clients.”

    Rochelle Odesser

    Money and Wealth Navigator Guiding Execs in Career Change

    Give your LinkedIn profile the renovation it needs to land you new clients and elevate your thought leadership ranking.

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