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We know that our members are always thinking about how to meet their clients needs while also thinking about how to build recurring revenue streams for their own business.
Fractional Connections is here to help you find the right partnership! We are vetting technologies, tools, and resources that our members can potentially leverage for their business growth. Our criterion for these partnerships is:

  • Our members should be able to white label and sell under their brand, or
  • A tool that makes your life better as a solopreneur in the fractional executive space.

We are constantly vetting potential partners, and as we feel comfortable that they are a great resource for our members, we will share their information on this page. Click “learn more” for each partner to get more information about them and for us to make a warm introduction for you.

Type of Partnership: White Label / Recurring Revenue Stream

Description of Partner:
Vendasta is an end-to-end ecommerce platform for local experts who market, sell, bill, fulfill, and deliver digital solutions to small and medium businesses.
Vendasta provides channel partners with an end-to-end platform to scale and a curated marketplace of products and services to sell, both of which are tightly integrated into an operating system that we deliver for SMBs. Faced with the growing need to be digitally enabled and a proliferation of solution providers, it has become increasingly complex for SMBs and channel partners to manage operations without a full digital operating system.

Types of Products / Services:
The Vendasta platform provides channel partners with products for marketing automation, CRM, order and billing management, payments and collections, fulfillment management and more. Further, the platform provides them with access to a marketplace of ready-to-sell products and services in categories such as marketing and advertising, CRM and customer success, productivity and collaboration, connectivity and security, e-commerce and inventory, booking and scheduling, billing and payments, legal and insurance, and accounting and finance. The products are resellable to SMBs and made available through a white-label business app where they can access their software and analytics under a single login.

Potential for:
Fractional Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Operating Officers, or anyone else working with a company to build revenue, develop a branding strategy and launch marketing and social media campaigns.

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