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Hello consultants, fractional executives, service-based business owners:

After working with many hundreds of professionals like you, we’ve learned it’s very likely your business is in one of three stages:

Stage 1:

Just starting out, focused on getting your first few clients.


Stage 2:

You’re now engaged by several clients and eager to build a pipeline flow so you stop the revenue roller coaster (at this stage you’ve hit $10K a month or more in revenue).


Stage 3:

You have a full “dance card” – so busy with no time to figure out how to scale, to gain more business without working more hours or days. You did not go independent to be burned out.

The solution to this revenue rollercoaster is here!

There is a little-known offer in the consulting or fractional executive world that will:

The path to faster, more rewarding results…

What Is A VIP Intensive Day?

A VIP Day is a full day (6-7 hours) working privately with me, one-on-one, or semi-privately, one-on-two, in a super-focused format, dedicated to accomplishing/completing a specific, highly desired outcome.


Who Is A VIP Intensive Day For?

If you’re a busy fractional executive, consultant, or service business owner who…

  • wants to accomplish an important objective faster rather than slower,
  • detests dragging things out,
  • wants to accomplish an outcome completely,
  • knows you will not carve out the time to do it on your own,
  • wants a breakthrough with a business block now rather than over 90-120 days in a standard consulting, back-and-forth coaching structure,

If you’re sick and tired of trying to finish that plan, that book, that TEDX Talk, that strategic plan, that new product launch…

Wants to find your next hot market right now…

The Fractional Connections VIP Intensive Day is the right solution for you.

I was struggling with solidifying my message and getting it out to ideal potential clients. I wanted to receive new strategies to engage new clients and learn the best ways to make new contacts.

The breakthroughs results from my VIP Day with Nancy were:
• I solidified my personal branding,
• I learned new ways to reach out to ideal new people in my LinkedIn groups,
• I learned new ways to reach out and network with executives I know – and implemented on the spot.

Working in a concentrated experience such as this was different from traditional coaching because I was able to act immediately and reach out to people in my network. Within a couple of days, I was able to communicate my new personal positioning to connections and set up one on one meetings with influencers. I would recommend this strategic intensive because most of us can benefit from tightening up our personal branding and many of us need tough love to take bold action in networking. The strategic intensive did an impressive job fitting into my schedule and was immediately actionable.
Eric Johnson
Fractional CRO/CMO, Business Turnaround Specialist

What’s In It For You To Attend:

How Does A VIP Day Intensive Work?

If you’re ready to rock your business forward in a day, these are the next steps:

At Fractional Connections™, we help fractional and consulting clients like you achieve their biggest goals and objectives.

Now, for the first time, we are also going to teach YOU how to successfully market, sell, and facilitate 4 and 5 figure VIP days to your clients.

Bringing you in to lead a (VIP Day) intensive with our team was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an entrepreneur (and I’ve been at it almost 20 years). Your approach combines one part strategy, one part process, and two parts people to brew an elixir which has accelerated breakthroughs throughout our organization. Your work has surpassed our expectations, which were high to begin with. As a past President of the NY Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, I’ve not found an advisor who delivers more.
Rich Goldberg
President, Warm Thoughts Communications

You Will Learn: 

  • A 5-step blueprint for how to get started offering VIP Business Intensive Days to your consulting/fractional clients and prospects, and why this will delight them – as they accomplish so much more, so much more quickly. 
  • The 5 different types of VIP Days, and how to select the exact right one for your clients. 
  • The Secret Sauce for successful VIP Days, enticing your VIP Day clients wanting to extend their work with you into other services. 
  • How to market and seal the deal for VIP Days without being salesy or pushy – because VIP Days are the kind of experience business owners really want. 
  • The Secret Sauce to a brilliantly successful VIP Day with clients – how they will get their objective “achieved in a day.” 
  • How to leverage VIP Days into incremental revenue – fractional engagements, coaching, and even future VIP Days. 

How Does A VIP Intensive Day Work?

Choose From Our Most Popular VIP Day Topics – or request a Custom Outcome -In- A -Day:

★ My Irresistible Unique Value Proposition (client persona clarity/niche identification, UVP message, LinkedIn profile renovation)

★ Design My Signature System In A Day

★ Sales Success Playbook (Networking strategy, Lead Gen, Discovery Call Script and role-play)

★ Workforce Success Plan For SMB’s: Closing The Skills Gap

★ My Book Is Done! (Complete outline, premise, marketing plan, speaking engagement plan)

The experience and outcomes are amazing!

 But there is a catch:

 We only open 2 VIP Day slots each month, by application only.

This means if we believe the Fractional Connections VIP Intensive Day is a match for your business, we will set up a complimentary VIP Day Discovery Call with you and explore further together.

Thank you, Nancy Fox for your amazing work with me on our VIP Strategic Intensive Day. You helped me identify the bottlenecks and prioritize actions for my upcoming book and my workshop, A Sharper You.
Becky Sharpe
CEO, Board Member, L𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝗔 𝗦𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗸𝘀𝗵𝗼𝗽 Your Personal Balance Sheet) for professionals and business owners
Thank you for all the insight and help! It’s been huge and intense but great. I can now break it down into actionable items for my business and work my way through them. I’m starting today…
Mark Hapeman
Fractional COO
“When I made the decision to transition from the corporate world to a fractional executive, I had conceptual ideas about it, but needed coaching to get it out of my head and distilled into a unique value proposition. We spent a highly productive day defining the framework for growing my business (which turned into ideal clients) I highly recommend Nancy and Fractional Connections.
Josh Abelson
Fractional CEO/CRO
I walked away with so much! My business name, niche, offerings, pricing, strategy and process for becoming a thought leader, homework assignments to help me further define my unique elements and get prepared to write posts and enter the market, scripts for informational interviews, introductions to people who can help me, tools to help me stay on track, and so much encouragement and support! Knowing Nancy believes in me and is in my corner is so valuable as I embark on this adventure!
Diane M.
EOS Fractional Integrator
In our one-on-one intensive, I wrote this at the top of my white board: “$20K Oct.-Nov.” I want you to know that my A/R for Oct.-Nov. is $22,600. I’m delighted with this accomplishment and feel confident that I can replicate it because you have helped me formulate a process that is organic to me. MORE IMPORTANTLY, in the course of our training together, I’ve shifted my understanding of who I am, what it means to be an entrepreneur, what I offer, and my perception of myself—in short, my mindset. I’m awed at the transformation and am so appreciative of your talents and tenacity. Thank you for your insights, your devotion, your candor, and for cheering me on—insisting that I step fully into my venture.
Judith G.
Consultant to Legal Profession
Working with Nancy Fox in a deep dive intensive is an inspiring, thought-provoking journey. What an incredible amount of rich information, tools and insights to help me grow my business! Nancy generously packed so much into this session. Now, I can achieve higher levels in my business and go so much faster than I thought possible. I have a fantastic new business name, and am crackling with new ideas! I left energized and empowered to put this to work and achieve those new goals.
Rona Wexler
Employability Expert, Wexler Consulting LLC
My VIP Strategy Day with Nancy Fox was very invigorating. It gave me a big boost of new energy to work on my business. During this day, one of the blind spots I uncovered was how much value I bring to my clients, restaurant owners. We accomplished so much during this day including creating a whole new image for my company (even a new name!), new monthly services and products, and repackaged old ones in order to be more marketable. What I am most grateful about from the day is it allowed me to look at my company through different lenses. It gave me a framework for how to grow my business. I am doing things in a less haphazard way, and I have a strong plan that I am implementing.
Izabela Guevara
Restaurant Bookkeeping & Consulting
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